8 best budget (below Rs 35 lakhs) cars in Nepal


Cars now are not only the status marker in society but also a convenient way of transportation. For family transportation, it is doubtlessly, the best choice in the context of Nepal.

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Owning a car means having the convenience and freedom of being able to travel anywhere you want, any time you want. But, buying a new car also means spending a lot of your hard earnings. Everyone would want to have the best and top-specs cars for themselves, but it is only possible if one is able to pay for it. The specific amount you pay for a car will provide you with the features accordingly.

  • There are, however, numerous cars in the market that provide you with the fundamental features without breaking the bank. Today, we will present a list of the budget cars you can purchase under Rs 3.5 million (Rs 35 lakhs) in Nepal.
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